Food & Nutrition

cft_1Our menus all meet the Eat Better, Start Better Guidelines from October 2012  and we encourage children to try new foods. We actively celebrate a healthy, wholesome approach to eating and raising awareness of diversity.

Our Crabbs Cross setting has achieved a Gold Healthy Setting award from their local authority.

Our food suppliers have full traceability for all ingredients used to prepare the food on our menus – from where the food is grown or reared, to when the children are served – a ‘Gate to Plate’ traceability and audit trail.shutterstock_136493348

All our kitchen teams and senior nursery staff are trained and qualified to level 2 in food safety, all of our staff are regularly trained to maintain the highest standards of food safety and hygiene, and this is reflected in our excellent EHO star ratings

Read our Food & Drink Policy and our Healthy Eating Booklet

All our nurseries have achieved a 4 or 5 star EHO hygiene rating.

fhrs_5_en-GBThis 5 star Excellent rating (“very high standards of food safety management, fully compliant with food safety legislation”) is given by Environmental Health Officers (EHOs) employed by the Council who decide the score / star rating of each food business following a planned food hygiene inspection. Inspections take place between every 6 months to 2 years.