24 Months to 3 Years

The Toddler Zone for ages 24 months to 3 years.Our Sunbeams

Care in ‘Our Sunbeams’ rooms ensures your toddler is happy and developing through play. Exciting “toddler zones” encourage mobility and learning through play.

Our toddler areas are a natural progression for our babies to more robust activities that are extended to encourage more in depth investigation and experimentation. This is always fun and enjoyable for children, but is planned around their individual learning needs so that all skills are developed.

The independence skills needed for future learning are beginning to become established here and our learning through play philosophy is the key to our happy and cheerful toddler rooms.

We pride ourselves on working in partnership with parents to help and advise on your child’s changing needs and including basic life skills such as “toilet training” into nursery life. This gives your child confidence and helps them to develop fully in all ways.

Progress reports in this age group include the 2 year Progress Check as required under the Early Years Foundation Stage framework. We will still be looking mainly at your child’s prime areas of learning but we do begin to introduce the more specific areas of learning at their individual development dictates.

Children are therefore prepared for the next part of their creative journey through nursery onto their Pre-school Education.